A Look At Human Growth Hormone Benefits

hghThe human body is a wonderful thing; that much is certain. Contained within it are a number of chemicals, enzymes hormones and other substances that help to regulate the body’s metabolism, the way it grows and, eventually, how it will die. Certain hormones are vital to the health of the human body, so taking a look at human growth hormone benefits might be worthwhile when considering health.

Medically, growth hormone or HGH is what is known as a protein-based poly-peptide hormone. It is manufactured by the body to stimulate growth and also cell reproduction and regeneration of cells. This process can be encourage with supplements like GenF20 which is an HGH releaser. Without it, we could not long survive. These days, we have been able to create a synthetic version of this vital hormone, and both the natural and synthetic types are used in various medical treatments.

It is usually the case that humans begin experiencing a deficit of HGH by the time they reach 30 years of age. The medical term for this deficit is SDS or somatotropin deficiency syndrome. It is more often referred to as human growth hormone deficiency, which can lead to an increase in the amount of fat people begin to put on as well as a decrease in the amount of lean muscle in the human body.

Quite often, people suffering from a significant decrease will begin to experience lowered energy levels, inability to heal quickly from injury, an elevated risk of certain cardiovascular diseases and even a lessened life expectancy in extreme cases. Therefore, it’s important to look at the possibility of supplementing with either natural or synthetic growth hormone in certain cases.

A landmark study performed in 1990 and published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that a test group of men over 60 years of age who had been administered a growth hormone regimen seemed to show significant increases in the amount of lean muscle mass and a strengthening of bone due to increases in bone mineral. This has led to the thinking that HGH could potentially be an anti-aging chemical.

Ongoing study of growth hormone is continuing on this front with a number of studies being conducted lately that continue to show promise. For sure, there are many clinical applications for the administration of human growth hormone that can help in the treatment of certain disorders or diseases afflicting humans, including administering it to those who suffer from severe deficiency of HGH.

Certain other possible benefits of supplementation with human growth hormone revolve around its potential to increase athletic ability or stave off the deterioration of athletic skill and other forms of motor-neural functioning as one ages. Acting in this capacity, the potential to help those who have begun to experience loss of coordination is high and is being studied closely.

When it comes to human growth hormone benefits, the most exciting aspect is that it may possibly work effectively in helping humans stave off many of the effects of aging that we had once assumed to be “natural, ” though they really are not. And with costs for synthesized growth hormone running between $300 and $1200 a month, and sure to drop, there may never be a better time to explore its possible benefit.

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