How To Have Healthy Blood Pressure

blood-pressureMaintaining a healthy blood pressure is very important since having increased or above normal blood pressure will most likely predispose you to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke.

Some people find it very difficult to maintain their blood pressure since they think it is hereditary, and they cannot do anything about it. Although genes may play a role in one’s blood pressure, there are some other factors that one can control and modify at the same time.

Cut the Salt

High sodium content in food is the number one culprit why most people have high blood pressure. Sodium retains water, and the more water or fluids you have in your body, the greater the pressure is in the walls of one’s arteries when blood moves through them.

Cut on the Alcohol and Cigarettes.

Smoking results to vasoconstriction. Vasoconstriction means that the blood vessels all over your body are constricting. As a result of the constriction, the blood moving through them are exerting more pressure as a compensatory action. Drinking large amounts of alcohol is also known to put extra stress to your heart, thus increasing the pressure exerted to pump blood.

Load Up with Fruits, Vegetables, and Fiber

Minimize foods that are high in fat content and load up on foods that are rich in fiber like whole wheat products, vegetables, and fruits. Read food labels first and check fat and caloric content. Know your recommended daily requirements and see if what you are eating can provide you with what you need. Fatty foods will only produce plaques in your blood vessels, thus blocking blood flow. In return, blood exerts more pressure. In a recent research, whole wheat grains are known to detoxify the body, which can also lead to less stress on the body. Less stress means normal blood pressure. Hypavera is a natural supplement formulated to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Walk, Run, and Swim

Exercise is still the best way to curb high blood pressure. You don’t have to enroll to the gym and sign up for membership. You can walk on your way to the office or if you are running errands that are just a couple of blocks away. Jog in the morning; this is not only good for your blood pressure, but it will also de-stress you. Swimming is the best cardio workout since almost all parts of the body are exercised. Thirty minutes of exercise five times a week is enough to have a healthy blood pressure. Make sure to ask consult with your doctor first before engaging in any form of exercise.

Know Your Body

In order for you to know if you have high blood pressure, know your baseline blood pressure first. What is high for some may be normal for others. Ask your doctor about this. Normal blood pressure is 120/80, but this is just an average. Normal blood pressure is usually determined when you are relaxed. Don’t let somebody take your blood pressure when you just walked a couple of blocks or if you just exercised.

However, it is good to know your various blood pressures like when you are at rest, after eating, after an exercise, or even after having sexual activities. In this case, you would know what is normal for you.

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